Neshama Entertainment

Arnie Zipursky

Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Gary Yau

VP, Finance

Suzanne Berger

VP, Production

Dayna Zipursky

VP, Content & Business Strategy

Clinton Brown

VP, Business & Legal Affairs

Marly Reed

VP, Development

Rachel Bulatovich

Director, Development & Production

Ian Malone

Director of Development

Lauren MacKinlay

Creative Producer

Klaudia Rekas

Development Coordinator

Ryan Greig

Production Supervisor

Franca Visconti

Production Supervisor

Jennifer Mesich

Production Supervisor

Nicole Viens Brennan

Director of Finance

Chris Sandy

Post Production Supervisor

Dani Larsen

Post Production Coordinator

Sebastian Hearn

Post Production Coordinator

Carrie White

Business Affairs Coordinator

Brendan McNeill

Business Affairs

Board of Directors

Arnie Zipursky

Co-Founder/Board Director

Fernando Szew

Co-Founder/Board Director

Cyril Drabinsky

Board Director

About Neshama Entertainment

Neshama Entertainment is a Canadian production company based in Toronto. Formed in 2018 by Arnie Zipursky, in partnership with Los Angeles-based distributor MarVista Entertainment, Neshama sources Canadian creative content and talent including writers, producers, actors, editors, directors, and cinematographers.

Recent titles include Under the Christmas Tree, The Christmas Setup, Midnight at the Magnolia and the V.C. Andrews’ Casteel Family movie series. In an effort to expand its catalogue of film properties, Neshama Releasing is actively searching for television movies (MOWs) and indie features for Canadian distribution.

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