Good Wife’s Guide to Murder

Starring: Nola Martin, Tennille Read, Shaun Benson, Alex Harrouch

Unlike the subjects she discusses on her popular true crime podcast, Kate (Nola Martin) is happily married to her husband, Matt (Liam Tobin). Through her work, Kate has identified ten steps as a pattern in spousal murder cases, which she intends to highlight in an upcoming television docuseries. After a promotional interview, Kate is shocked to return home to find Matt dead. She hysterically calls the police, which soon proves a hasty decision: Due to her fame as an expert on spousal murder, Kate is the prime suspect and arrested for Matt’s murder! While in jail, Kate requests to speak with her best friend, Detective Lenore (Tennille Read). Kate knows that Lenore will believe her innocence, but Lenore is nowhere to be found. Thankfully, Kate’s book agent, Garrett (Alex Harrouch), bails her out of jail and is thrilled with the salacious press Kate is receiving, much to her displeasure. Facing the possibility of life in prison, Kate decides to put her investigation skills to the test to find out who really murdered her husband and why they’re trying to frame her.