The Manny

Starring: Michael Evans Behling, Joanne Jansen

Lani (Joanne Jansen) is a successful social media chef on the verge of getting her very own TV show. But her private life isn’t as clean as her onscreen oven. Between an exhausting divorce and a busy calendar, she needs help caring for her young son, Jaylen (Ashton Ayres). After a misunderstanding, Lani ends up being charmed by—and hiring—a man named Morgan (Michael Evans Behling) to be her male nanny. Now that she has help, Lani hopes that she’ll be able to concentrate on her career. After all, Morgan gets along great with Jaylen and makes Mary Poppins look like a slacker. And although Lani tries to deny it, she can’t help but be attracted to her handsome “manny.” But she begins to question whether Morgan’s charm may have been a distraction from something sinister. Little does Lani know that Morgan—desperate for the family he never had—is willing to go to extreme lengths to manufacture an instant family with Lani and Jaylen.