Namaste Nightmares

Starring: Sierra Wooldridge​, Rayisa Kondracki, Chris Kapeleris

Stella (Sierra Wooldridge), newly appointed Head of Thought Leadership at bougie wellness spa Serenity, finds herself in a tricky situation: she’s been charged with streamlining the business and identifying weaknesses (read: firing people) for CEO and lifestyle guru Ivy (Rayisa Kondracki). Ivy believes in Stella – it’s why she hired her to help with an international expansion – but the rest of the staff doesn’t, they warily regard her as the person brought in to fire them all and turn the spa into something they hate. Zoe (Kendra Williams), general manager, feels slighted that Ivy would hire over her head; Kilman (Chris Kapeleris), Boxer (Mal Dassin) and Jett (Hailey Summer), other employees, worry about their future with the spa. When Stella learns that an employee was killed in the sauna and her death was covered up, Stella frets that there’s a killer in her midst, and they’re coming for her next. Just as Zoe confronts Stella and threatens her to leave the spa, masked intruders break in, killing Zoe and leaving Stella for dead. Desperate to prove she had nothing to do with Zoe’s death and prevent the same fate for herself, Stella realizes there’s no one she can trust, least of all Ivy.