A Sisterly Christmas

Starring: Deborah Joy Winans, Lisa Michelle Cornelius

Sisters Kristina (Deborah Joy Winans) and Vicky (Lisa Michelle Cornelius) receive an early Christmas gift—a luxurious vacation at an exclusive resort—from their Aunt Debbie (Marium Carvell), who hopes to bring them together after they’ve grown apart since their mother’s death. The sisters are less than thrilled by the idea of spending time together: Vicky loves Christmas, whereas Kristina no longer enjoys the holiday without their mom. With strong convincing from Aunt Debbie, the sisters reluctantly accept her gift. Once they arrive at the resort, Kristina and Vicky run into Reginé (Kyana Teresa), a famous singer and one-time best friend who left them behind when fame came calling. Realizing Reginé still hasn’t changed for the better, Kristina and Vicky find themselves coming together to compete against her in the resort’s annual charity Christmas competition. Hijinks ensue and tensions rise as the competition heats up, but through it all Kristina and Vicky reconnect not only with each other, but with Reginé as well and each find love in the process.