Welcome to Valentine

Starring: Kathryn Davis, Markian Tarasiuk

Olivia (Kathryn Davis), a painter, has New York dreams for being a successful artist—and after falling short of them, she applies to a gallery to sell other people’s dreams. George’s father—the owner of a famous production company—has high standards that George (Markian Tarasiuk) always manages to exceed, no matter the personal cost. When Olivia and George meet, they only have one thing in common: they must get home by Valentine’s Day. When they team up for a tumultuous cross country road trip, a busted rare engine part for George’s luxury car leaves them stranded in Olivia’s hometown: Valentine, NB for the town’s annual Valentine’s Day parade. When Olivia’s sister ropes them into prep for the annual parade, they learn sometimes a breakdown leads to a breakthrough—and that if you slow down and look around, sometimes the heart’s missing piece is right in front of you.