Meet the Killer Parents

Starring: Katelyn McCulloch, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Kate Vernon

Grace Perkins (Katelyn McCulloch), a young woman who has lived a hard-knock life, believes she’s finally found true love and security with Rob Whitby (Connor McMahon), a handsome and wealthy charmer. On a trip to meet Rob’s parents, Stephen (Dmitry Chepovetsky) and Maude (Kate Vernon), for the first time, Grace worries she doesn’t fit in and has failed to impress them. Soon, though, she realizes that she has been lured into a trap. Stephen and Maude have sinister plans for the young women who enter their palatial estate, and Rob has been acting as their “bait” for years. Grace must play along in a ghoulish charade that recreates the family’s past trauma, all while plotting (futile) escape attempts and doing whatever she can to stay alive.