Remote Danger

Starring: Stephanie Bennett, Stafford Perry, Kylee Bush

Lisa (Stephanie Bennett) and Tyler (Stafford Perry) are married and own a small business together. While their company is doing well, their marriage has hit a rough patch. When Lisa finds out she’s pregnant and tells Tyler, he is unhappy with the news. To Lisa’s pleasant surprise, though, Tyler suggests they meet with marriage counselor Alana (Kylee Bush). Determined to save her marriage, Lisa reluctantly agrees to Alana’s couples’ retreat in the remote wilderness. Once they arrive, Alana requires Lisa and Tyler turn in their phones and engage in strenuous outdoor activities. Lisa struggles to keep up and notices Alana has been pushing her to do things only Tyler enjoys. Suspicious of Alana’s intentions, Lisa learns Alana went to college with Tyler. Finding the opportunity to spy on them, Lisa hears Alana and Tyler discussing their plans to leave her for dead on their next hike. Terrified, Lisa runs for her life, but Tyler and Alana catch up to her. Fighting the dangerous elements, her husband, and his lover, Lisa must do whatever it takes to save herself and her unborn child.