Family Seductions

Starring: David Pinard, Joelle Farrow, Torri Higginson

Sandra (Torri Higginson) and Sophie (Joelle Farrow) are a hardworking mother-daughter duo who have recently opened their dream café together. With business slow to start, the pair are delighted when handsome, mysterious Blaine (David Pinard) draws a crowd at the café by performing his songs there. Soon after, Blaine begins flirting with both Sandra and Sophie, telling each of them in private that they are the only one for him. With Sandra and Sophie completely enamored, Blaine swears them to secrecy so neither woman finds out about the other’s relationship with him. But when Sophie catches Blaine with Sandra, he manipulates her into continuing to keep their relationship a secret. Shocked and unwilling to hurt her mother, Sophie agrees to keep quiet—until Blaine tries to seduce Sophie again! Determined to prove Blaine is a fraud, Sophie creates a fake fan page for Blaine’s music, where a woman reveals that Blaine manipulated her and her sister the same way he’s been manipulating Sandra and Sophie! Armed with the truth, Sophie must stop Blaine from marrying Sandra under false pretenses before he ruins their lives forever.