Our Italian Christmas Memories

Starring: Sarah Power, Beau Bridges

As an adjunct professor, Anna Colucci (Sarah Power) is often on assignments that take her around the world. But nothing feels quite like home compared to the Colucci Family Farm in her small hometown. Back for the holidays, Anna, her brother, RJ (Jesse Irving), and her sister, Ella (Morgana Wyllie), give their mother an early Christmas present: a Hawaiian vacation. With Mom away on her tropical getaway, Anna notices her grandfather Vincent’s (Beau Bridges) dementia symptoms are starting to progress. As she spends time with her siblings and grandfather, Anna wonders how she can help Vincent experience some of his best memories and comes up with the perfect idea: her grandmother Donata’s famous Italian sauce! The only problem is that her grandmother didn’t write down the recipe. Now, Anna will need to rally the Colucci family to help her recreate Donata’s dish.