The Affair Conspiracy

Starring: Kyla Ferrier, Robbin Harris, Sayla de Goede, Shelly Fullerton

Olivia (Kyla Ferrier) is battling insomnia after the death of her son, but hates sleeping pills as as they cause her to sleep walk. On leave from her publishing job and finding a fresh start in a new town, Olivia visits the local bookshop and befriends Shane (Robbin Harris)… but their mutual attraction soon blossoms into a full on affair. As they consider the possibility of leaving their spouses to be together, Olivia wakes up one morning in her car, bloodied, with no memory of what happened. Later she learns Shane’s wife, Illana (Sayla de Goede), has gone missing and foul play is suspected. All signs point to Shane, but Olivia is sure of his innocence and determined to find out what really happened – but could a sleepwalking Olivia herself be the true culprit, or is someone setting both Olivia and Shane up… someone hellbent on revenge?