The Truth About Christmas

Kali Hawk, Damon Dayoub, Ali Ghandour

Jillian (Kali Hawk) is on track to have the perfect life. She’s a star political consultant dating George Beauman (Damon Dayoub), who is about to be one of youngest candidates to run for mayor. And she’s going to meet his family for Christmas. All is going according to plan until George asks Jillian if she remembered to pick up the present for his young niece, the very sought after “Poppy Dot”—Oops! As Jillian finds the last one at the toy store and concocts a lie to get it from a little girl who found it first, Santa witnesses the incident and creates some Christmas magic. By the time Jillian gets to meet George’s family for the first time, she cannot tell a lie. Hijinks ensue as Jillian does everything she can to hold on to George and her job. But not being able to lie helps Jillian realize who she really is and what she really wants, including, maybe, George’s cute, grounded brother and a political run for herself, instead of being a consultant and a politician’s wife.